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Indigenous scholarship student, Georgia, has her sights set on nursing and midwifery


Georgia, a Mater Education Townsville Diploma of Nursing student, has always had a caring nature, and even at the young age of 20, she’s already been exposed to her fair share of nursing experiences.

“I've always had a passion and love of caring for not just people, but animals too. In 2014 I began a traineeship in veterinary nursing where I worked at Greencross Vets. I loved it, but always knew deep down it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do.”

“The healthcare industry is something I have always been exposed to. My mother works in disability and I’ve seen a number of doctors over the years. Between the ages of 15 and16, I was admitted into hospital in the children’s ward. It was a scary time for me and my family but I remember having the most incredible nurse who took the time to get to know me. She would play games with me on her lunch breaks when my mum had to leave. She would take a bit longer to explain everything that was happening. She made a huge impact on me and since then I knew I wanted to have that same impact on someone else.”

Although her schooling years knocked her confidence, she’s realised her own potential and is proud of how far she’s come.

“I was never academic and struggled a lot in school, so I always felt I could never go to university and study nursing. When I look back now and see how far I have come, I never thought I would be where I am today and that excites me.”

“Coming back to study has been a major learning curve, but also a fun experience. Learning something that you are passionate about really changes the whole experience. I'm still learning the art of time-management, but I am where I want to be and will work as hard as I can to stay there.”

Georgia is also one of Mater Education’s indigenous scholarship students, which means her course is generously supported by Mater Foundation.

“Receiving a scholarship was an incredible feeling. Knowing someone else believed that I could do this course and is supporting me is amazing. It has eased my financial stress while going through the course, so I can concentrate on my studies.”

With her sights set on the future, Georgia has great plans for her career in healthcare.

“When I graduate, I would love to land a graduate position as an Enrolled Nurse and work in the profession while I do my Registered Nursing studies at university. I'm still thinking about Midwifery as well and completing a dual degree.”

If you want to realise your potential, like Georgia, explore our entry level healthcare career pathways here.

Pictured: Georgia in the simulation lab at Mater Education Townsville, learning essential nursing skills.