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New career goals, new job and new state for Sacha


“A nurse can make or break your hospital experience. I want to be that nurse who makes my patients feel supported and recognised.”

Sacha, who recently celebrated turning 50, is proof that its never too late to pursue your goals.

After working in finance for 17 years, and bringing up her daughter as a single mother, Sacha was inspired to put herself first, prompted by the question “If you could do whatever you wanted for work, what would you do?”. Her answer, “to look after the elderly”.

“I lost both my parents early in life, and it’s shaped my appreciation for the elderly, because I don’t have my parents around.”

This reflection marked a turning point in Sacha’s life, as she considered how to truly make it work for her. Timings aligned to allow her to fully commit to study, and she took the leap to not only enrol in Mater Education’s Diploma of Nursing program, but also move from New South Wales to Queensland.

“I have spent some time in hospitals while both my parents were ill and when my daughter was born with a club foot, requiring a number of surgeries. It is my belief that nurses are the backbone of the medical profession and a good impression verses a bad impression can last a lifetime. I have been given an opportunity to actually do something I am passionate about and to give back to the community. I couldn't think of a worthier profession to be part of.”

Sacha’s journey continues to soar, recently securing a job with the aged care organisation that she completed her placement through.

“I think it’s fantastic that Mater Education coordinate your placement for you. In other training organisation’s it’s often up to the student to organise placement.”

“I truly look forward to my job and I am enriched about what I do. I find myself waking up excited to see the residents.”

The experience has provided Sacha with so much confidence that she is already thinking of studying Registered Nursing at University after finishing her Diploma.  

“The best investment you can make is in yourself!”

Is it time for you to invest in yourself? Explore Mater Education’s range of entry level healthcare courses to gain the confidence you need to pursue your career dreams.