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Preparing students for the real-world with simulated ward experience


Mater Education takes every precaution to ensure our Diploma of Nursing students feel confident, supported and ready to interact with real patients in a healthcare setting during their placement.

One way we do this at our South Brisbane campus is by engaging Mater’s Volunteer Services to run a “workplace-ready simulation” before each semester’s nursing placement begins. The simulation imitates real-world scenarios for the students, where the volunteers act as patients, the educators act as Registered Nurses and Doctors, and the students practice their roles as future Enrolled Nurses. During the simulation, students are given a handover and are guided through their tasks to care for their patients. They also practice a handover to the next shift.

Susie Gray, Head of Discipline for the Diploma of Nursing program oversees the simulation which benefits both the students and the volunteers. “It’s fantastic for the students to put all the skills they have learnt over the last semester into action. Many students arrive very anxious, but with the support of the educators and the gentle guidance of the volunteers, they leave with an air of self-confidence, ready to take on their placement.”

“A large part of the simulation focusses on communication, not only with patients but also fellow team members, which is a vital part of working in healthcare.”

The activity exercises Mater Education’s expertise in simulation, while collaborating with the broader Mater community to provide our students with a rich healthcare education experience. 

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