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Senior doctor joins the team to learn from Mater Education’s simulation experts


Despite being a doctor for over 19 years with specialisation in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, Dr Manisa Ghani has come to Mater Education on a six-month Visiting Simulation Fellowship to learn from our simulation experts.

Manisa, who has hailed from Saint Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, is using the Fellowship experience to explore a field she is passionate about improving the capacity for others to learn.

As a Clinician Educator with post-graduate studies in education, Manisa is passionate about the future of healthcare, and imparting knowledge and processes to the next generation of clinicians to advance their training. 

Manisa had visited Mater Education several times throughout her career and was impressed with the ministry, dedicated purely to healthcare education, upskilling, teaching and learning.

“This is how healthcare education should be done. The development of an entire business unit allows for cohesive, consistent training which is consolidated and delivered with a single purpose.”

Although the intention for her six-month stint was for her own professional development, Manisa is adding huge value to the Mater Education team. She has already been involved in teaching and facilitating Mater Education courses, and faculty development workshops.

Recently, Manisa also presented her learnings from a four-week workshop on ’Value Creation in Social Learning Spaces’ to the wider Mater Education team.

She’s been welcomed with open arms to the Mater Education community, 

“It’s been the small touches that have made me feel welcomed. There is a culture of acceptance, belonging, and genuine curiosity at Mater Education. I’ve been asked ‘What do you think? What can we do better?’ I’ve added my own thoughts which have been openly received.”

“I think this is just the start of the connection I have, and will continue to have, with Mater Education.”

Following her fellowship, Manisa will be travelling back to Melbourne to share what she has learned with her workplace. 

“I want to implement In-situ Simulation at St Vincent’s based on the training and education I receive.”

She has observed exemplar social learning in action at Mater Education and will use this experience to educate the next generation of healthcare workers and improve healthcare delivery.

If you would like to know more about Mater Education’s faculty development opportunities, visit our website here.