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Super-mum of five, Steph, motivated by her kids to study nursing


As mum of five kids, Steph’s life is already a busy one, but it hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her goal of studying nursing and showing her kids that ‘anything is possible'.

“I am a 35-year-old, single mum of five fantastic kids, aged between 3 and 12. Three of my boys have autism, and whilst they are considered high functioning, it does have its challenges. When I became a single mum about 15 months ago, it was quite a turning point for me regarding my career and education. I decided straight away that I needed to start my career path earlier than expected and I didn’t want my children to think that if you have one bad thing happen to you, you can’t get back up. My motivation for everything is my kids.”

The healthcare industry is important to Steph because of her very own health and wellness journey, having lost 18 kilograms in recent months.

“I have had quite a few health concerns and know the importance of good healthcare workers, at all different levels. When my husband left, I turned to food and when paired with little to no exercise, I put on weight. After starting study at Mater Education, I realised that my health was just as important as my kids or my future patient’s. So, I decided to make significant lifelong changes. I received such fantastic encouragement from my fellow students, so I kept going. I feel so much better both mentally and physically.”

Steph has had her fair share of personal experiences with healthcare professionals. That, plus a history of healthcare workers in her family, has inspired her to pursue a career in the industry.

“I gave birth to my twins prematurely in 2011 and they were in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Mater Mother’s Hospital for approximately six weeks. Whilst the doctors were fantastic and provided everything to my twins, it was the nurses that went above and beyond to help not just the twins, but myself also. To this day, I remember all the little things that they did to help.”

“I have also been surrounded my medical people through my family. My dad is an anaesthetist, and my mum is an anaesthetic nurse as well as a critical care nurse. Both my grandparents were GP’s, and I have aunties who are midwives and pharmacists, so I guess it’s in my genes. I had always planned to study nursing when my youngest started school, but after my separation I knew it was now or never. So, I chose now.”

Despite the busy life she leads, Steph has settled into study again, and the flexibility that Mater Education offers is of huge benefit to her family life.

“My study experience has been fantastic. Mater Education is so hands-on that you feel like you are nursing straight away. I love that every week we have hands-on experiences through the sim lab and the flexibility of hours is perfect for me with my kid’s school and extra-curricular activities. All the educators are brilliant and take the time to help you understand everything that you are being shown.”

Steph is set to graduate her Diploma of Nursing at the end of 2021 and is keen to jump head-first into an Enrolled Nursing position.

“I would love to work at Mater, given my history with the hospital. Eventually, I do want to complete my Registered Nursing degree at university, but I plan to do that down the track when my kids are a bit older.”

If this story has inspired you to take the leap into your healthcare education journey, just like Steph, you can explore our range of entry level courses here.

Pictured: Steph, with educator Kerry, during her hands-on simulation class.