Mater Education’s Executive Director, Donna Bonney, weighing in on the importance of skilling

Released On: 04/09/2020

On Wednesday 9 September, Mater Education’s Executive Director, Donna Bonney, will be part of the Springfield City Group and The Springfield Regional Jobs webinar event discussing the Importance of Skilling in Nation Building.

The webinar will address the state of today’s post COVID-19 world, and the need for leadership in skilling and training as we prepare for an uncertain future into the future. A strong Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector is critical to our economy and will help prepare Australians for the workforce opportunities of today and tomorrow.

As a leading provider of healthcare education, Mater Education has been among many education providers who have adapted to the recent environment. Donna will weigh in on how healthcare education and delivery has changed and the importance of evidence-based practice and workplace culture.

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