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Recognising Mater Education staff and students who have served


 Pictured L to R: Katherine Jackman, Peter Griffiths, Greg Rayner, Halley Gray, Lisa O'Sullivan.

As we come together to commemorate Remembrance Day, we are proud to recognise some of the Mater Education staff and students who have served.

Katherine Jackman – Director of Learning and Development

Katherine Jackman, Head of Learning and Development served 11 years in the Australian Army Nursing Corp.

“I deployed three times – once to Timor Leste and two short deployments to Iraq where I worked as an ICU Nursing Captain in Balad, embedded with a US Airforce Facility. I learnt some powerful lessons during my time in the Army and it helped shape my values. I feel intense gratitude to be Australian and to live in Australia. I also appreciate the importance of teams and how much synergistic value we add when we work together for a common purpose.”

Peter Griffiths – Educator

Peter served for a combined total of 35 years in the Royal Australian Army Medical Corp.

“I enlisted into the Australian Army in 1983, serving until 2005, after which I transferred to the Australian Army Reserve until 2018.”

During his 35 years of service, he served on several operational deployments and was the recipient of numerous honours and awards.

His deployment to Rwanda saw him involved in the initial establishment of the surgical facility, as well as providing humanitarian assistance in both Kigali and Gitarama.

He further provided aeromedical evacuation support to the Australian, New Zealand and the United Nation taskforce within East Timor.

Whilst in Bougainville, he established and provided level one medical and surgical support to Australian and New Zealand Peace Monitoring Groups in Loloho in addition to providing humanitarian assistance to the local community.

“Remembrance Day is an important and significant event, which I hold dear to my heart.”

Greg Rayner – Diploma of Nursing Educator

Prior to his time serving, Greg completed his midwifery training and post-grad work in the old Mater Mothers’ Hospital Labour ward and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Following completion of his training and work, Greg was commissioned into the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps (RAANC) as a Lieutenant Nursing Officer. During his four-year commission, he was posted to several military hospitals across the country.

“I had many wonderful experiences during my time in the Corps, working alongside some incredible professionals and making some lifelong friends along the way.”

Halley Gray – Educator

After graduating from Royal Brisbane Hospital as a Registered Nurse in January 1979, Halley continued further studies to complete an ICU certificate program the following year.

He was commissioned into Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps (RAANC) as a Lieutenant Nursing Officer (Army Reserve) from 1980 – 1986 and was based at 2 Field Hospital in Fortitude Valley.

“I was able to spend many weeks on end working at 1 Military Hospital at Yeronga, induction training and medicals at Kelvin Grove Barracks, and have the opportunity to attend scheduled ‘bivouacs’ in remote areas, in a field nursing capacity.”

“I had many wonderful experiences during my time in RAANC, and was able to work beside some incredible professionals, and make life-long friends in the process.”

Lisa O’Sullivan – Diploma of Nursing Educator

It was through the Australian Defence Force that Lisa started her nursing career. At the tender age of 18, and following her training in Kapooka, Lisa secured the position as a medic. Her training took her to Portsea Victoria and Yeronga, Brisbane

“I started in the Medical, Surgical Ward and then moved to the Casualty Department where I stayed for the remainder of my four-year service. Once discharged from the Army, I moved back to Perth where I worked as an Enrolled Nurse. I feel I was ever so lucky to get the amazing experience I did.”

Christopher Miller – Diploma of Nursing graduate

Christopher Miller is a 2020 Diploma of Nursing graduate and Queensland Training Awards Regional Award winner for Vocational Student of the Year.

Chris was a member of the Australian Defence Force for 12 years, including two tours of Afghanistan. In 2015, he completed a combat first aid course, which ignited his passion for a career in healthcare.

Phil Lincoln – Diploma of Nursing student

Phil Lincoln, one of Mater Education’s first Townsville Diploma of Nursing students, has come from a background of defence.

Phil served as a Combat Engineer and has seen the likes of floods, cyclones, and third-world countries. His journey has led him to a range of unfamiliar places and situations, but his role has always maintained one consistent mission— to help people in need.

We come together to recognise this important event, and we are reminded of the sacrifice made by so many.

We will remember them. Lest we forget.