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Introduction to Simulation Methodology

Are you interested in using simulation to engage team members, improve their knowledge, skills and the application in the workplace?

This course provides professionals with the knowledge and skills required to develop, deliver and evaluate simulated activities in their area.

This interactive program provides the foundation for using simulation methodology as an educational platform for professionals in the healthcare environment.

Through group work and discussion, you will learn how to create a challenging and safe learning environment whilst developing and delivering a simulated scenario.

You will be supported to develop and refine your debriefing skills using a structured approach.

Who should attend?

The program is suitable for professionals from healthcare and non-healthcare backgrounds* with an interest in developing and delivering simulation based activities.

*It is preferable that participants have some understanding of education in the workplace.

Course information

  • This interprofessional, interactive two-day program incorporates the use of simulation, its theory and application in the workplace.

    At the completion of this program—through the development, delivery and debriefing of a simulation—participants will be able to:

    • demonstrate a knowledge of the role and application of simulation in healthcare
    • consider evaluation strategies for simulation activities
    • develop, deliver and review the elements required to build a scenario
    • demonstrate the ability to develop and maintain a safe and challenging learning environment
    • apply a structured framework and the principles of debriefing to conduct a post simulation debrief.