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Venepuncture and Peripheral Intravenous Cannulation

Mater Education’s combined venepuncture and peripheral intravenous cannulation course delivers the knowledge and skills needed to perform venepuncture and cannulation procedures with safety and efficiency.

Taught in Mater Education’s world-class simulation facilities, under the guidance of our team of interprofessional education experts, the course takes participants through a series of workshops and simulations that help consolidate learnings with real-life application. Key areas of study and skills development include:

  • anatomy and physiology of vessels
  • venepuncture and cannulation equipment
  • venepuncture and cannulation procedures
  • different venepuncture techniques
  • order of the draw
  • management of complications.

Who should attend?

Our Venepuncture and Cannulation workshop is designed for health professionals and clinicians  who perform venepuncture and cannulation procedures. This includes registered and enrolled nurses, student doctors, clinicians working in the cosmetic beauty industry, health research or other healthcare workers who require these specialised skills.

Course information

  • This course is delivered in two parts: an e-learning module and a practical simulation module.

    E-Learning module
    Once enrolled, you must complete an e-learning module, which will take approximately one hour. This e-learning module will provide you with the knowledge required to underpin the practical component of the course.

    Practical simulation module
    Following successful completion of the e-learning module, participants will learn venepuncture and peripheral intravenous cannulation techniques in a hands-on, simulated 6.5 hour workshop.

Venepuncture and Peripheral Intravenous Cannulation course location